The hackneyed phrase, ‘it’s doing my head in’ aptly sums up how my clients sometimes feel when grappling with not only choosing the right software for their business, but ensuring they are taking full advantage of every feature. Each time a new application hits the market and, that’s becoming increasingly frequent, the promotional pitch says it’s a must have tool that a business cannot do without if it’s to remain competitive and relevant, however, that is not necessarily so. Any software is only as good as it serves the needs of your customer base. A case in point is social media. With so many options available, it is wise to limit your choices to those platforms that are used by your target market. For example, if you sell to people aged over 55, Facebook is preferred above the likes of say, Snapchat, which tends to attract a younger demographic. If you operate in a B2B environment, omitting LinkedIn from your suite of applications would be a mistake given it’s considered more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter and remains Australia’s most popular business related social media tool. Regardless of what software you have, there is an imperative to regularly review its performance to ensure it continually helps improve awareness of your brand, drive additional traffic to your website and ultimately, see an increase in sales from new and repeat customers. It is also important to question if your applications are complementary and compatible with one another and not vulnerable to cybersecurity risks, a status that should, as well, apply across your entire site. As many of my clients do not have the time to become an expert in technology to achieve the best outcomes from their online presence, they simply decide it is more practical, economical and a good investment for them to handover the task to those who are proficient in this specialised area. If you too concur with this decision and need an audit of your software and, or, wish to discuss any other digital issues, click here to contact us for your complimentary assessment and quote.